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“ To the carers that attended to my Mum’s needs, I cannot thank you enough for the care given – first class, with professionalism, dignity, fun and happiness.”


Family member of service user

“She (our carer) has always looked after me so well with kindness, sensitivity and above all letting me keep my pride, which has always been important to me. Especially when I'm having a bad day, she makes me feel safe even if I'm being stubborn and don't want no help she will make sure she does her best.”


DWC service user

“Our carer has been absolutely wonderful and she and I keep in constant touch. She has been so caring and sensitive towards my uncle and he thinks the world of her"


Family member of service user

“4 months in and I go to work with a smile on my face and I come home with a smile. Grateful to have a job I love and for Deben willow for giving me a chance and for having an understanding and caring employer, who's goal is to care for the clients and not to make a fast buck! Thank you”


Community Carer, Deben Willow Care

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