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Personal Care


Deben Willow Care personal care services

At Deben Willow Care we like to assess every person on an individual basis, and as such every care plan is tailored to reflect this, being person centred in its construction. We will provide as much support as required, whilst encouraging the individual to remain as independent as possible, maintaining and supporting their autonomy and choices. Our values and services which we provide are listed below.

  • At Deben Willow Care we work with our clients to help to empower them to live independently and maintain personal choice.

  • We help our clients to maintain daily tasks as agreed within a person centred care plan.

  • We actively support encouragement, prompting and support for well being.

  • We offer assistance in bathing, showering, strip washing and bed care hygiene.

  • Hair washing, grooming and beauty assistance.

  • Help in maintaining all forms of Oral Hygiene.

  • To be a trusted avenue of support, in mental health wellbeing, to guide, or help in anyway.

  • Help with daily dressing - we help to support our clients with their individual, appropriate choice of appearance.

  • Supporting shaving - please note that we are only ably to assist with electric shavers.

  • Helping with any toileting and continence needs, including commodes, continence pads, bed pans etc.

  • Monitoring to ensure skin integrity.

  • Supporting full bed care, repositioning and pressure point awareness to assist in the prevention of pressure sores.

  • Application of any prescribed creams.

  • Prompting, assisting, or administering prescribed medication.

  • Support in all nutritional requirements, preparation of freshly prepared meals and precooked alternatives. We offer assistance in all identified specialised dietary and nutritional requirements, and observational food charts where required.

  • Support in maintaining and understanding the importance of good hydration, to minimise the risk of UTI's and other hydration related conditions. Visual observation and fluid charts ensure that throughout and between visits monitoring is maintained.

  • We are also happy to support our clients with any friendly pets.

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